Thursday, May 08, 2008

Appraisal Group of America vs. an automated Diminished Value site:

What is the difference between an automated diminished value appraisal and a diminished value appraisal completed by Appraisal Group of America? So many. . . There are many automated websites selling so-called diminished value appraisals. Many of these so-called diminished appraisals are not signed and give no customer service if the client has problems. Appraisal Group of America Inc. believes the automated sites are good for information on Diminished Value but truly give little help with regards to successfully claiming diminished value. On a daily basis customers that have utilized these automated sites call Appraisal Group of America Inc. looking for help on their diminished value claim. Each of our diminished value claims include the following:

  1. A review and analysis of the final repair order.
  2. A determination of the pre-damage value of the vehicle with 5-9 comparables within 300 miles of the appraised vehicle.
  3. A determination of the post- repair value of the vehicle.
  4. A determination of the diminished value
  5. Extensive Customer Service Assistance
  6. Sample Demand Letter
  7. Complete 6 page Instruction Manual
  8. Assisting clients in answering letters from the insurance company
  9. Signature of the owner of the company, Terry Fisher


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